Get Pain free

In line with physiotherapy advice I am restoring my car. So what’s the philosophy? If your thinking about jobs on the car your not thinking about your pain. Does this work? So far I would say yes it does work. If you are in pain you may find this helps it’s called the distraction technique.

Why I can’t buy or listen to your music here?

Problem is this

How to stop thieves?

I spend thousands of hours creating original music. So I need to make this worthwhile. Otherwise why should I work for nothing.

And so nothing on this site can be bought or published. You have to email for ebay purchase.

Don’t blame me, blame the copywrite cheats.

Two files to listen to linked right…

562 HQ music files 48 KHz 24 bit ? Tuning requests Central Scotland Only and is expensive takes 2 days  to achieve pitch perfect tuning. Email link Classical Electronic Movie mood music